Watch “US Peace Council says no Civil War in Syria, fighting terrorists the US has armed.” on YouTube

was sent this this morning , very interesting 50mins of real news from syria and what is really going on!!!


a must listen



Celtic fans named 3rd best in world, After this happened they 1St !!!

Listen to the song!!

Glasgow celtic / celtic way few weeks ago

So a day after seeing this we see this article above the big match was on  and bhoy what a game but not for only the match but the passion of all the fans.

Celtic Badge Appears Projected on to Building in Palestine Days After Fan Protest

And well that’s what #CelticGlasgow was all about and if u don’t believe me here is the prove. from my Facebook page after the game because I was so proud to have seen it live and be a team that’s been in my family and country for years !!!

And well it’s the wider story of Scotland too!!! We don’t agree with what’s going on and if this only way to express our ways that our country has been lead as well as other country’s down a path WE DON’T WANT TO GO DOWN !!!!!

AND TO THINK UEFA CAN FINE #Celtic WHEN THEY ALL SO CURUPT AS USUAL just like #Fifa FFS give me a break !!!!!

CELTIC fans have vowed that they will match any fine that UEFA hands the club for a display of Palestinian flags at a recent match in charitable donations.






#Respect & #BChange

For now peeps a very proud….

Lichtielass  😉👍💚✌

Lichtielass BChange Group

Lichtielass BChange

This facebook group was made to inform others of what we do not get told in mainstream media.  The group has been up a few few years now and people are again resonating with the words contained in The Arbroath Declaration of Independence, not just in Scotland but WORLD wide!!! The idea that everyone can stand together without divide but can still respect other ideas and wishes even if it’s not their way. 
Although this is a facebook group it extends across many platforms so just get in touch if you think it will be your thing or even come join us
LICHTIELASS represents the whole idea of Independence from back in 1320 it is not just me there is a team of people that help with it. It is like #Anonymous it IS A IDEA!! It cant be stopped just like the #Yes movement once done the seed is planted!!
And i stand by the quote at the end of this blog!
The Group is about #BChange #Freedom from government, big companies and do not forget the bullshit media we are getting these days…
wp-1467217892650.jpg this link has good background of the Scottish independence 1320 that i strongly still believe in as many do.

Below taken from link above .
wiki explains the legacy of this and why it matters to USA Independence ..


US Senate Resolution 155 of 10 November 1997 states that the Declaration of Arbroath, the Scottish Declaration of Independence [sic], was signed on April 6, 1320 and the American Declaration of Independence was modeled on that inspirational document.[14]However, although this influence is accepted by some historians, it is disputed by others.[15] Even advocates of the link concede that it is speculative and not based on any verifiable sources.[16]

In 2016 the Declaration of Arbroath was placed on UNESCO‘s Memory of the World register.[17]

So it’s pretty clear how important this document is.

For so long as there shall but one hundred of us remain alive we will never give consent to subject ourselves to the dominion of the English. For it is not glory, it is not riches, neither is it honours, but it is liberty alone that we fight and contend for, which no honest man will lose but with his life.


BS of all BS surrounding 420 FOUND THIS OUT TODAY!!!



I have awaited this decision for months and although i am not suprised i am pissed that all the Health issues have been put aside again because of probably big funding from the drink and big pharma companies!!!


and it is as simple as the above if they made it legal. especially for medical purposes but they not giving a dam!!!

to me if its what helps someone and yet denied in any way that is against human rights. But then the Torys wont be caring about that if they get there way there is not going to be a human rights act!!!! OMG SO ANGRY!!!

especially when there is so much evidence i saw a link just last week about the USA saying no because the same reason and well dont get me started with big pharma!!! Link below“>

and i could go on and on but i think the next link says most of it without spelling it out!!!


and going to leave this last little reminder of whats going on globally re this!!!

feat obama

but then what do i know i just live with pain daily and know this helps yet denied!!! makes me sick to the stomach to think the same people passing these laws etc get everything they want and we are globally paying for it not them!!!! weather you currently in job or not some way you are paying for there lifestyle. while they leave it endless months for this!!!

well not much more i can say apart from how dare i like a herb for my health rather than big pharma BS!!! so when i can afford to or when i can get hold of i will be continue to medicate myself this way, especially when i have a drs letter spelling that fact out!!!!


might trial here but thats one thing i would not mind being the test board to but weather politics will do i have no idea i think with the people now to push there human right!!!!

anyways could go on for ages and not going to because just makes me mad!!! so for now peeps

love and peace


lichtielass out !!

Back to Basic training with popeye!!!

Listening so thought would share my thoughts as I listen since I fell asleep!!! Glad of on Demand #TFR

#PopeyeDTRH  so dead on with all this!!! We are sold a lie!!!!

So have I been shouting about this too but with the #Yes2 movement in #Scotland just like what’s happening in #USA atm!!!

It is how they spin the media even in alternative media and information. But the fighting and infighting is just ridiculous!!!

Exactly popeye it won’t matter who gets in!!!

Normally don’t follow through with laws they just get in and don’t change a dam thing!!! The media will wipe up there mess!!! It’s horrid!!

It won’t matter about Trump getting in in my opinion he’s just a distraction just like the #Yes movement to sell our country out!!! To big company’s in which Trump is!!! There is a China bank in Trump towers!!FFS😭! He’s basically selling his Trump name and selling America also!!!

Personally #Yes was just distraction to sell out and I think this same thing happening in #USA. Hell half of my country hasn’t even noticed and its about 3 years down the line!!!

Even if we do get independence now we will still never have a true independence as much as I want it!!!

One thing I do know is online sensorship was never this bad online through the #Yes #indyvote which tells me deals already done with Internet providers and other big company’s and government!!

And #Scotland should be showing everyone No this is wrong and not to put up with it!! Dam even Facebook won’t let me remember memories of links due to sensorship WTF!!!

#Scotland has new merging media which is exciting to see let’s hope we can #BChange only by working with each other will we finally got forward. Not dog eat dog attitude!! And there will be paid trolls or trouble makes as there always is we just need to stay strong not be divided by these ways they can control us!!!!

Popeye right we need people to speak out about these truths and lies!!! They have made many out to look crazy to twist the truths that do get out into any media!!!

Any ways back to Popeye show!! All clips played was great but this stuck out to me !!!

15 -20 to demoralise a country!!! It’s taken 30 in Scotland to get our 45% #indyvote

WE in normalised now here in #Scotland just like the man in clip says about #USA

How to brainwash a nation is the video on YouTube if u want to look up


We need to adapt and take the power back!! #peoplepower

Hour 2 with @popeyeDTRH  Wake up call the film was mentioned full documentary also available on Web…also available at popeye site no ads and full as was cut to fit show




OMG once u see its happening all around these days !!

Follow the money you will find the real criminals of this world!!!

I could put much here about the clips but will leave it for you to listen yourself.
Yip how bad does it have to get for you before you notice!!!

Well I standing my ground for sure

So my thoughts on the great show from popeye and very important message to all

Right I am out peeps spk soon 💚&✌


Facebook is blocking links that expose Hillary Clinton’s crimes!

Screen shot of just one access denied on the day #Anonymous Dump Emails happened nothing was getting through the sensorship going on in social media atm!!!

And yes there’s much more on these cats….

And just so much more could write loads but feel these links do more of a justice to the whole story than myself who is sitting in Scotland!!! 

 Luckys show with susan where they have all the fact in this show!!

And the lives that we know have been taken by this family and its foundation goes back years and years, the next video will show how back in WACO Massacre not only had its own problems but again Hillary was getting ready to launch Hillary Med care!!!!!  What does that remind people of Obama care so really it wasn’t him it had been in the making from the Clinton  foundation most likely!!!!!

So is it any surprise to anyone that they have managed to stop bad press etc out!! The list goes on and bodies mounting up day by day!!! When is enough?? 


Sitting in #Scotland I only hear what’s going on from friends over there and well #Scotland really dislikes Trump but I can see how many are going that way but to me if all this can be done like wako/ Hillary care and Obama, what makes anyone think that Trump any different!! In fact he’s the most likeliest person to want the run use his name get it out there  he’s already selling this Trump name out to Chinese!!! Effectively Trump is whoring his name out to everyone why not to his old friend Hillary!! Even if he gets in do u really think the Clinton’s will still have the power. That’s the feeling I get with Trump.
But when up against the evil of The Clinton’s and the foundation I can’t see an easy way out of this for America. All I can say is good luck because I think we all have same problem in ever country like I said before. I just want my country back too!!! From the same evil…

Away to run out battery power but may add more later but plenty truths in the above

For now peeps 💚✌


Watch “DON’T FALL IN HERE!!!! Disgusting water on keptie pond Arbroath” on YouTube

So was out recording anyways yesterday & others in the town had mentioned the stink in the town & that it was Keptie Pond so went down to see for myself…. And well this is what I found!!! 
Now weather it’s Algae or not I think the town council sound be looking into ways of making this a bit better!!!

Years ago there was boats on this pond so I guess when they were they had to keep cleaner than it is now!!!!
Anyways uploaded to yt last night not the greatest video but was just so shocked to see like this!!! 
Maybe having all over the Internet might shame my council into doing something about it!!!!
Better get on much to do for now peeps 💚 & ✌



right another I have received and much to look into it am sure many want to see if will deformation also return to this but for right now just sharing the info received.

If anyone can help with adding things to blog on this please get in touch #Anonymous source but a good one 

Agenda dismay!!!!

Still to look through this also but just want out as quick as people can give me. I know most of this anyways but really everyone has to get there heads around it the more people checking with me the better so going straight out…

Lichtielass out peeps till next one 😉💚✌

Private land grab OZ Gov Agenda

This was brought to my attention and well feel it should be out in the public domain so here it is…. 

May add more to this as I study more on it but just wanted it out there 

For now peeps 💚✌


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